Follow-Up Prayer for The Baptism of the Lord – Year C

Dear Lord,

You have called us to do what is right and the justice of your call establishes your law.

You take each one of us in hand and appoint us to our tasks as a spark of your divine light.

Your voice resounds in all your creation, let it find an echo in our hearts too.

Your glory thunders and we are enveloped in wonder.

Your truth is offered to all if we listen to your Spirit.

No one is your favourite.

Do I kid myself that I am more privileged than others people

Or that you confer with me about things beyond my mind?

I am simply an instrument and a guide to what is your will.

I am not what I imagine my ego suggests.

I seek clarity by listening and watching those around me

For your message comes from both good and bad company.

I have access to a welter of the most varied people,

Most of whom have been baptised in your name, and none is greater than another.

I too stand before you to listen, may my actions follow and flow from your goodness.

I go about trying to do good and caring for all those who have fallen, for I am no exception.

Place into my heart a new prayer in praise of my baptism and for the hallowing and consecration of creation.

You have opened the heavens, and your peace descends on those ready to receive you.

Your favour rests on each one of us for a purpose.

Help us to come to you eager for the water of life.

Let me hunger and thirst for the food of truth apportioned to me

And see Truth’s Incarnation in your Son our Saviour.

Let his respect for human tradition inspire me to devotion and to praise of the reality of incarnate salvation.


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