Follow-up Prayer for St Peter and St Paul –Year 'C'.

Dear Lord,

Your Church is always persecuted, and I, too, persecute her in frustration.

Like Paul, my life is running it's course but the fight is not ended.

I run towards the finish - help me keep my faith.

Like Peter, I am beginning to focus on your loving mercy,

Let my wavering be stilled: you will give certainty within.

The rock of faith is given, and universal salvation proclaimed.

Grant me enough strength to accomplish your will.

You ask confirmation of your Person and have revealed a small share of truth, let me stand by that truth

And resist the wiles of the underworld.

Help me to hold out against evil in any form and make myself as worthy as I can for your indwelling.

You call me to your house for formal prayer, and every day I am put down at her entrance.

I beg your healing.

Let the shadow of Peter and Paul pass over me and unite us in mission.

Let me proclaim your glory, although it surpasses all imagining.

The Good News I preach is not a human message, but a reality entrusted to Priesthood.

You choose the weakest of men so as to temper any ego.

Religious discussion is limited by human language but your Spirit unites in purpose.

You know everything and you know the tepidness of my love

Yet you show yourself to your disciples and humble all pride.

Recompense is paid for former sins and forgiveness is granted.

Vocation is re-affirmed and responsibility re-iterated.

You teach reflection on the seriousness of my own sins, and re-instate a dignity beyond human measure.

You declare a future tailored to advancing years.

You impose limitations on ability, but will always be my carer.

Let me give witness according to your mercy, and follow you to the end.                                  Amen.


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