Follow-Up Prayer for Eighteenth Sunday of the Year – Year C

Dear Lord,

How have I laboured, wisely, skilfully or woefully inadequately?

How do I face the injustices of making a Will?

Who am I to judge, yet responsibility is placed into my hands.

Toil and strain must be undergone every day until death.

Yet I know you are holding me by the hand and directing my ways.

All skill and prudence are yours, I pray that you grant a little more to all who serve you.

You turn us back to dust when the time is right,

Whilst the generations pass away as if they had never been.

Our dreams are but illusion and pass with the coming of your light.

Help me to realize and accept the shortness of life

And look away from the seeking of worldly things to the desire for what is eternal.

You show pity when we remain loyal servants and you only punish un-repentance.

We ask success for the work of our hands,

But it would be better to ask the joy of sharing every fruit of your will.

Help us to kneel and bend low, for we are sheep in your pasture.

May we not test you or tell you what to do but, rather, listen attentively to what is asked of us

And recognize your intervention when it is offered.

Bring us back to true life by looking to the things of heaven

For they are all around us, yet only visible to the eyes of the soul.

Do I still belong to my sins, or to the freedom of right judgment?

Do I still worship the false gods that hamper progress towards you?

You make no distinction between any of us, and have no favourite children.

You are the only, and ultimate, reality and all our hopes are founded on you.

Let us be poor in spirit and guard against avarice of any kind.

Most of us have enough riches but we keep them for ourselves.

We build up wealth in the barns of bigger investments,

We feel safe until our faith is threatened with a little insecurity.

Do I have room for others amid my way of life, or is it all focused on me?

Let me pull down any excessive barns and be honest with my soul.

I am not interested in owning anything, for true ownership is yours.

We, too, are yours and we don’t paint a very good picture of Christianity.

Let me find pleasure in the goodness of others and in your overwhelming goodness to all.

Let me seek out my own niche and be intent on praiseful worship.

Let the result of my life’s work be revised in the light of age and experience,

For I know where true treasure is to be found.

Let my treasure-house be in heaven where nothing unworthy of you can corrupt.                          Amen.

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