Follow-up Prayer for Epiphany - Year A

Dear Lord,

Let me arise, and faith shine out, equip me with the love that fights evil.

Lift my eyes to you and never to myself.

My heart throbs with joy at the faith around me,

For your judgement is upon every human effort,

Whilst your Spirit enables and completes when human strength fails.

You rule the sea and calm the billows of pride.

You entrust priests with revelation, a revelation only realised in humble service,

And not in the false humility of self-abasement.

A knowledge of mystery is offered to those who accept your divine presence in the holy child.

I am blessed with an inheritance of faith for your promises flow through the veins of all believers.

The world sees the rising of a star but chooses to return to darkness.

Make me human enough to follow that star faithfully in the light that comes from you alone.

Let me ask, every day, where the Christ-child is to be born,

For each new day brings further revelation and new mangers to kneel at.

Direct me to the messy places of your present birth,

And guide my response to those who do not see your love incarnate.

Priests and bishop are called together by Wisdom, to seek the directions necessary for discovery,

To follow the 'on-going incarnation' of active ministry.

Permit me to be a spider in the stable, yet able to praise.

Out of your love, new leaders are born, new saints commissioned and new martyrs crowned.

Let me run out and find you and do homage as I stand in reverence before the faith of others.

You reveal your presence as you choose and enter the souls of those who respond to Truth.

A virgin girl offers her motherhood in every stable, receiving the open treasures of many hearts,

And implanting within them the gift of incarnate peace,

A peace that comes with holding your divinity in human flesh.

Make my face shine out with joy.                                                                                             Amen                                                                                                            

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