Follow-up Prayer for 24th Sunday – Year 'C'.

Dear Lord,

Your people have indeed apostatized,

Even the good people keep their faith to themselves.

What are we priests meant to do? It would seem that our fate has been determined by our inactivity,

For many of your family are abandoning you.

Teach me what I might do as a priest and correct, discipline and govern my waywardness.

What I do on my own account fails: What you do in me does not.

Your mercy and kindness are there if people would listen.

Grant me a steadfast spirit so as to lead them to you,

And please do not deprive me of your fatherly care.

Give me the strength to remain faithful, for I, too, have discredited the Faith.

Let the mercy shown to me be manifest in those who act in ignorance.

Give particular grace to our children for many no longer know you.

Make me a living witness to your inexhaustible patience so that others may trust you.

Enlighten the eyes of this nation to see the help Christianity can hold for them and our society,

The promise made to our grandparents.

Let us be reconciled and trust be restored.

You are the friend and protector of those who go astray,

But we are all astray, all 99 flounder in the wilderness.

Take us on your shoulders once again so that we can rejoice in you as our God and Saviour.

We have lost credibility, so have our leaders.

May we sweep away the debris from our lives and find life by the light of true knowledge.

Let us call together our friends and neighbours and, together, rejoice in a renewed Faith.

Come out to meet your people and welcome us prodigals.

Let those who think themselves righteous be confronted with a true appraisal of themselves.

Inspire me with revealed truth and less religion,

Let what is dead be brought back to life and let apostasy be ended.                                  Amen.


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