Follow-up Prayer for Trinity Sunday –Year 'C'.


Dear Lord,

Your Wisdom cries out: let me listen.

Your Word is Truth; attention is paramount.

You have new things to teach at every stage of life, the more prudent to harken as age advances.

You give renewed vigour of mind to those who obey,

Let the abandonment of self  reap a harvest of righteousness.

I have nothing to boast about, neither have I grounds for complaint.

Let me take from what is yours so as to grow in understanding.

I do not need to comprehend.

Lead me into yourself- the full knowledge of truth, and make me grasp my dependency.

Your very nature is a complex kaleidoscope of truths, but a single unit of which I am a part.

Let me honour that part faithfully, for demand will be adjusted to ability

And nothing impossible will be asked.

I am a small part of the work of your hands and my 'becoming' is a true sign of advancing freedom.

Let me keep this in mind when things go wrong or suffering clouds faith.

Your people are so vulnerable and need priests who will not injure them.

Only you know fully their hearts, intentions, abilities and situations.

Educate me to bear with them and not to burden them with frustration.

You are present at all times and in every situation, I am only a speck in the timescale of created things,

But a necessary part of your plan of salvation.

You raise humanity to amazing privilege and ratify priesthood.

Your power is revealed as a oneness of love to which I am invited.

Enlighten me to respond rightly to both nature and your omnipotence.

May I not seek consolation with either human or animal but only within your Godhead.     Amen

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