Dear Lord,

I asked to work for justice, a task that will never end in this life

But a realization of your presence working to the same end.

Contradiction and discord flourish even in your Church, and the footprints of evil are not always easily read.

I am for my own time only but your Church must face contradictions in every age.

Your kingdom indeed grows slowly.

Keep my soul at rights so as to live faithfully.

Let me fan the flame of faith every day, and awake zeal from the ashes of timidity.

Let me not be ashamed of witnessing to your love or be reluctant to embrace correction.

The hardships I have are imaginary and teach me to rely on your rulings.

If I keep the pattern of sound teaching You will be there to guide,

If I trust, you will guard what has been entrusted.

Let your servant listen.

Clarify the human word 'faith' for no word can explain your presence.

I imagine some sort of future but I look back at my distorted understanding of Priesthood.

Help me to 'Get your supper laid' and minister to your faithful

Before satisfying any need within myself.

How is it that I imagine your gratitude when the duty is one of chosen privilege?

1 want to be a better servant.

Help me to put into perspective my true self with all its limitations

And to see only your strength working through human weakness.


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