Follow-up Prayer for Saints Peter and Paul - Year A

Dear Lord,

Many of your faithful are persecuted for their beliefs,

Not openly, but in accordance with insidious evil.

Now they do not have the Eucharist

But, instead, watch a screen that produces images.

Please allow these modern devices to communicate what people are missing

And not let their faith degenerate into passive entertainment.

Like Peter and Paul, you test and train your soldiers, for no 'lockdown' can chain your Holy Spirit.

We look for angels to lead us to safety and dream of sudden release,

We want to walk freely, but there has to be a time of restraint.

Let us know your truth and re-discover it in our Faith.

Let our faces be radiant with hope - your certainty for the poor in spirit.

Make us know how very poor we are towards you and rescue us from neglect and complacency.

Let my priestly life, however inadequate, be poured away for you people.

Strengthen me to remain faithful and run to finish and win the race.

My running, these days, is rather slow but I keep the faith,

Even if I fail to understand the workings of your Church.

Allow me to discern what truly comes from you.

You are the Righteous Judge who reserves true reward both in this life and the next.

You have stood by me so as to use my weak humanity for good purpose,

Let Peter be my rock, and not some pope, let Paul be my model of unfeigned preaching.

At present, I cannot preach publicly, but have time to re-instruct myself under your guidance.

May I not lose the opportunity.

You rescue me from all temptation if only I listen,

Help aloneness mark improvement.

Your Kingdom and Glory cannot concede pessimism

For they remain, despite the inroads of an uncertain future.

The gates of this world can never hold out against you,

Neither can the darkness within my own mind blind the progress of salvation

Equip my faith to respond in answer to the people who truly seek you,

Let me reflect just an atom of true witness.

Peter and Paul did not preach themselves, but your Almighty Power,

Something of that Spirit is entrusted to your people and their faith must underpin my ministry,

For you minister to me through their perseverance.

Flesh and blood cannot reveal your presence, only your Spirit can instruct the heart.

You give the keys of heaven to the humble of heart, not to the pomp of church princes.

You bind within us what is true and forgive humble contrition, you loosen our bonds on earth

And offer freedom through perseverance and patient suffering,

Let me consider your ways and become part of your providence.                    Amen

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