Follow-up Prayer for The Epiphany  - Year B

Dear Lord,

Help your Church to arise and shine out, let her lift her eyes to see your assembled peoples.

Give wise judgement to those who lead her, and let her act for the poor and needy.

You have entrusted her with the salvation of your children, with the grace that is meant for their salvation.

Give the gift of faith, already at work in ordinary people, to those bogged down in worldly cares.

Let the Spirit of your Apostles be renewed,

And the mysteries of Faith be separated from the mysteries of administration.

Your priests are anxious for leadership, but direction is muddied by the accidents of history.

What was known to man in the past is now less certain,

For Christianity presents misleading and confused ways,

Even the future of the Catholic Communion is threatened.

I pray especially for Pope Francis, for his hands are tied to a dying Church.

Let our true inheritance shin forth in his ministry, and the fetters of earthly Rome be discarded.

All Christians share the inheritance of faith but belief is cripples by what they see and experience.

You have made great promises to your people, and those gifts must not be hampered by preference.

We see a star rising and are called to homage, like wise men coming from the East to seek their God.

Let the faith and trust of distant peoples renew our belief for our star is eclipsed.

May the infancy of new blood come into our thinking

And the restrictions of institutional religion give way to an open heart, a heart ready with a spiritual manger.

Bethlehem is divided once again, and Herod sends his soldiers,

Yet a baby sleeps and is taken to safety by Joseph.

Call your Son, once again, from Egypt to a waiting world,

Let us listen to your Spirit and not some political power, for human power is self-interest.

Let the poor be filled with delight and the treasures of help be opened at their feet.

Let Mary look on in amazement and joy at a true homage that she cannot understand.

She has conceived in grace, let it overflow to today's world.

Let your priests be clothed in holiness and not privilege, let them bring their own gifts to the Infant King.

The Church gives from her abundance whilst the poor are fleeced without mercy;

And we wonder why our prayers are unfruitful.

Make the Church open her treasures and our bishops learn true homage.

Why do we priests look for security in earthly things, rather than in trust to the care of our Lord.

Let your message make us get off our camels and go out to find your lost children,

So as to lead them to the true home of Jesus, Mary and Joseph


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