Follow-Up Prayer for the Fifth Sunday of Easter – Year C

Dear Lord,

We need more holy priests to put new heart into us.

Your message of eternal life is always new but we need fresh encouragement to persevere in faith.

Each of us experiences our own hardships tailored to our personal salvation.

You are full of kindness and compassion, and your abounding love must be seen in your priests.

All creatures thank you and acknowledge your might, but human beings are plagued with a fallen nature.

Your kingdom offers everlasting remedy but we are loath to relinquish our own fallen ideas.

We see the glimpse of a heaven on earth, a place where evil is overcome by love.

You mark out the way in your blood, and we must follow with the same sacrifice of our own blood

For the sake of your Church.

We look for the beauty of a new kingdom on earth and for the consummation of our faith –

Your Second Coming.

You live among us and are victorious over death.

A promise of no more mourning or sadness: that world is passing away, as we pass away.

Your commandment of love is the only reality to unite mankind.

Let us follow your love in our forbearance, prayers and actions.

Let the Judas in us be gone, for we hold to your glorification.

You bring glory to yourself and offer participation by the sacrifice of

Our lives in obedience to that unity for which you prayed.

We are your ‘little children’ and must love in the family of love.

If we do our best to follow you, your Spirit will demonstrate our sincerity,

The sincerity and truth that this world begs.

Instil in your Church more priests likeminded to yourself.

Fill them to overflowing with your Spirit  and renew the face of your Church.

Let them be men who offer themselves on your cross as victims,

Not victims of self-love or self-pity, but men who know what it is to suffer for others.

Men who will unite their love to that of the Eucharist and offer themselves completely.             Amen.

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