Follow-Up Prayer for Christ the King – Year B

Dear Lord,

I gaze into the visions of the night and am perplexed.

I see your coming and the signs of a second coming.

I also know that in some way you are in me and I in you.

Your sovereignty is without doubt.

Your Majesty puts humanity into perspective and your decrees can be trusted.

You are the First-born to a perfect way of life,

Our Priest-King for the whole of mankind regardless of religion.

The Truth, the Alpha and Omega of both the living and the dead.

We praise you for your coming as man.

Come once again and re-implant a holy fear in our hearts.

Pour out grace and understanding on this generation.

Let Pilate ask, “Are you the King of the Jews?”

Heal today’s leaders with honest insight so that they may see that your kingdom is not of this world.

Stop them from handling the poor as if they had no value, for their very being calls to heaven for justice.

They have a rightful place in heaven whilst we have not.

You were born to give hope to the whole of mankind and not just to a few who sit on fancy pews.

You came as Incarnate Truth placed in front of the leaders of this world, and every moment that witness remains.

Your Godhead faces evil on behalf of the poor, imparting the power of a higher order into their weakness.

Let today’s men and women grasp this truth and abdicate their own assumed lordship.

Let the children see the thinking of true parenting and reject the attraction of anything that is evil.

Let your Church fulfil her place in a wider world community and stop  messing about and arguing about words.

Your Word cannot be explained in human language, neither can she persuade you to change course.

You know what you are doing, and the Church must be rebuilt into a more perfect reflection of your holiness.

Unless we open our eyes and change the Church will melt away with climate change.

Whatever happens from natural evolution will leave a greater vision of your Omnipotence.

Renew her calling to be more like you in holiness and integrity.

May our loyalty and sincerity need no longer be questioned.

Let the Church take the place of Pilate and stand before you.

Let her ask how we are to witness to truth in a modern world.

How is she to live and how should her priests participate in your Priesthood?

Let me gaze into the darkness of unknowing and see light.


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