Follow-Up Prayer for 25th Sunday of the Year – Year B

Dear Lord,

Am I one of the godless?

I am religious and moral but I compromise your majesty.

Do I await the generous parishioner to exploit them?

Am I false in any way?

Do I imagine you will take my part if I cheat anyone?

You rescue those whose minds are tortured with uncertainties.

You do not stand by when the gentleness of innocence is exploited.

You uphold the cause of the meek when pride rises against you.

I have something of that pride.

Your help is circumvented by my scheming for my heart only imagines a willingness to serve you.

When you look at me, do you find jealousy and ambition?

Do my actions bring disharmony?

How much of your wisdom can abide in an impure heart?

Do I imagine myself as kind and considerate?

Do I trace any partiality that leads others away from holiness?

I listen to the News but see a deeper violence within myself.

I profess ‘not to want anything’, but how do I satisfy my discontent?

When I pray how much of that prayer is to myself?

I start off well but gravitate to self-interest.

I indulge my own desires and expect you to follow my dreaming!

You are the only light I shall be given and this is subject to a serious loyalty to your purpose.

How can any man share your Glory or seek to do so?

Such delusion is a sickness, one that only you can cure.

After leaving the mountain of the Eucharist I descend to the reality of ordinary living.

Let me continue to listen to you for your presence does not fade.

I place my worship at the feet of the world and must accept ill-treatment.

If you are with us, how can we argue about ‘who is the greatest?’

Faith has nothing to do with such trivialities.

Make your Church a little child confronting the world.

Put your arms around her and welcome the child in each of us.

Let the openness and honesty of childhood invade your Church.

She is not only your Bride but mother of any unruly family.

Some of us are a bit godless and you wish to correct our ungodliness.

A needy world awaits a more honest witness to your Name.                              Amen.

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