Follow-up Prayer for 25th Sunday of the Year  - Year A

Dear Lord,

Help me to seek you with every fibre of my heart, may I never abandon your ways

But keep my thoughts in line with your mercy: my ways always need keeping in check.

Let me look up at the stars and see how higher are your thoughts.

Make my heart truly thank you for all your blessings,

For your greatness cannot be measured or your holiness conceived.

You wish to be glorified in me so that others will find you, but you choose the weakest of vessels.

Somehow, by my life and death I must give witness,

I know I must honour my being and get on with the life you have given me.

There is an increasing need for your Church to bear witness to truth and I must be a part of that truth:

1 must avoid all that is unworthy of you.

Your coming brings the peace of a new nature, the promise of true worship.

Let me accept your word and respond in obedience, whatever 1 might otherwise wish to do.

You are the Landowner, for all things are yours, even the body and souls of your servants.

We are made to serve, and I must not shun from servitude.

I see the wonders of your vineyard and the enormous challenges you give man.

I give you praise for making me part of your plan: all will be gathered into one in you.

Life is not fair, for there are great discrepancies in duration and blessing, but you are constant in an equal love.

Let me be part of that equality and see you as my final refuge.

You pay a just wage whatever time we start work - perhaps I only imagine

That I do any work at all, other than to my own advantage, but you do not allow full insight into your workings.

I beg your mercy at the eleventh hour and ask myself,

'Why have I been standing here all day imagining and dreaming of doing great things ?@

Perhaps I never really listen to your demands but go my own way- a way that leads to nothingness.

Whenever, or if ever, I turn to you, you will employ me and grant a reward for trying.

Many good young people die and we wonder, Why?

It is only you who know the time and hour that our work will end,

But let, at least, some of our strivings give you praise.

so as to raise hope in our hearts and certitude of belief.

Permit me to go forward when you call, and receive the denarius given to all mankind equally.

Let me not ask 'why' or question your generosity,

Rather, let me examine my heart and do away with every taint of envy.

You place me in a marvellous world among a privileged people and with an honour of which no man is worthy.

Let priesthood be of a higher order and not be brought down to the level of human labour.

You are the Landowner, you are the Priest, and I am a very, very small part of a very large picture.      Amen



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