Follow-Up Prayer for 28th Sunday of the Year – Year B

Dear Lord,

I pray for understanding according to my time of life, a time that is running out.

Grant me the wisdom to know and do your will in all things.

Your presence is far more precious that any human wisdom, and nothing else is necessary.

Fill me with your love that I may make others rejoice.

You renew your guidance every morning and allow me take it to a floundering community.

Show them the work of your hands and the place you have prepared for each one of them.

Your word is alive and active and can pierce the hidden places of my mind.

It can also cut out from me what is not good.

You know my emotions and thoughts for with you I am totally uncovered.

You judge me every day and warn me to prepare for your final judgement.

I bless you for your Fatherhood and for revealing the mysteries of your kingdom to the poor in Spirit.

Each day I set out on my journey and each day I kneel before you once again.

I am past asking ‘Why?’ for you will not tell me.

I try to keep your commandments but am often false to myself.

I have certainly not kept them from my youth.

Assist me to make reparation for my past.

You look steadily at me with the care of correction and I must respond by giving away all I own,

Or at least placing it in your service.

I only want you and a small space in your kingdom.

Grant the necessary strength and guidance to make ready.

Let your look of care be reflected in my look of love.

Make it easy for this poor camel to pass into eternal life.

You astound me afresh when I read the Scriptures and especially when I read the reports of your words.

Nothing is impossible to you but nothing is possible to me when I stand alone.

Lord, gaze at your people and bless the witness of your disciples.

What about your priests, what will you grant us?

We have not left behind the very things that burden us.

We live first on one foot then on the other whilst evil quietly attacks on both sides.

Only you are holy.

And persecution tests any genuine resolve to do good.

You promise reward for effort, let perseverance prevail.

Make me patient in awaiting salvation and work quietly towards my redemption and the redemption of others.


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