Follow-up Prayer for 11th Sunday of the Year - Year B

Dear Lord,

You promise that our labours will bear fruit, that our lives will enrich nature.

Only with your spoken word can this promise be fulfilled,

Without you, the situation of our lives will remain hopeless.

Let us do good to others and constantly thank you for creating us.

And you entrust us with the care and well-being of each other

Your love is music, new every morning awaking with the birdsong,

Non-rational creatures giving praise, while men are absorbed in themselves.

We flourish superficially every day,

But deep down we are alone and rather frightened, left to our own devices.

Only the rock of our faith affords hope and reason, let us be filled with confidence in your mercy.

We know, somehow, that we are incomplete without you,

That we are exiled in some way, for our longing seeks a more certain home.

Let us be busy in pleasing you and not ourselves, for you provide what we actually need.

Whether we are alive or dead does not really mater, the truth about us will be brought out in your law courts:

Each one of us will get what we deserve.

You call us 'friends' and warn us in advance that justice awaits us.

All our goodness is from you and is gathered from all you have made.

When the seed of your word is implanted in suitable soil it flourishes,

We have only to make ready and be open to the promptings of your Spirit.

The fruit of obedience will last for ever.

You tell us clearly, "This is what the kingdom of God is like".

Natural seeds grow and sprout without our knowing how,

Of its own accord, nature produces our food and what we need.

We lose no time in starting reaping the harvest, but our greed empties the stomachs of others.

Abundance puts out big branches to feed the world

But we make them branches of particular businesses that deny the needy.

You teach us according to our capacity but our lack of true understanding

Blinds us to your higher demands of love and fairness.

To those who listen to your Spirit explanation offers some insight.

At every turn of Christian life wisdom is waiting to give guidance.

Grant us an attentive ear and a thankful response,

Together with a conscience cleared of sin and open to action.

Let the lies innate of modern life not deceive us nor lead us away from our faith in your revealed Godhead.

Awake us to the kind of fruits our labours might yield,

Challenges are meant to enrich us towards our union with you

Let your Spirit give our souls utterance, a gladness bursting with praise.                                       Amen.

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