Follow-up Prayer for Seventh Sunday of Easter  - Year A

Dear Lord,

After you were taken up to heaven, we, too, now ascend daily with those who die.

Some of us are left to carry on.

I ask your directives, especially for your priests.

We feel a bit like participant in a waiting game, not knowing what you ask of your Church

Or what duties she has to mankind.

There is a degree of uncertainty and change, and that change is felt in my own heart.

You help me on a day to day basis and ask that any fear be that of love.

I live within a church but feel the aloneness of an empty building - just as if it no longer maters.

My daily Mass seems to keep the place holy but I see the beginning signs of neglect and decay.

Your living Church is not here, but alive in the people about me,

Those who do not have the support of the Institution.

You ask us to 'savour your sweetness' and you promise to hear our prayers as we seek your face.

What is over-familiar to us is being taken away

And we are being forced to re-assess our Faith and what we truly believe.

You do not leave us orphans but offer us joy, the joy that your glory is accessible.

Your power is over the whole of mankind and the Good News of salvation is entrusted to us.

The gift of Priesthood makes this very clear and the vacuum of liturgy demands new thinking.

What do you want us priests to do?

You have dismantled our complacency and now tell us simply to make your name known.

Direct us to keep your Word and use our Priesthood to underpin the true faith of your people -

Not just your Christian children but a much wider world.

Your Church sets us aside for a grave responsibility, an accepted power that comes from you.

We are part of your Sacrifice and the light leading to glory.

We are in a world that is beginning to listen to your Word.

Let your priests unite the goodness in others towards a kingdom of righteousness.

Priests belong to you in a special way, but left to ourselves we experience our vulnerability.

Only you know our future.

Let us be of service to your world and a true light for mankind.                                  Amen.

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