Follow-up Prayer for the Fifth Sunday of Lent - Year A

Dear Lord,

One day you will open my grave, for this is what you promise.

From the depth I will call and your ears will be attentive.

Let me find forgiveness and an answer to my longing, guide my discovery of spiritual realities

And make space in my heart for your grace.

I belong to you but also, at present, to this world.

When you raise me on the Last Day, let me find a friend.

Sickness can bring death but you raise the dead.

You grant twelve hours in a day, but the number of days is your prerogative.

In your light I travel forward, left to myself I stumble with blindness.

May your light guide me to wisdom and banish the darkness that is of my own making.

St. John gives the witness of Lazarus to underpin belief:  the demanded trust in your divinity.

May the uncertainty of others not display despair but trust.

May the sympathies of mourners not distract from belief.

New life cannot be put into words, only a mute joy can render you praise.

Your concern for me is personal and is common to all my brothers and sisters.

Likewise, helplessness in the face of departing this life must forge a link to your faithful promises.

You are my resurrection and life, for you come into the world at every moment to escort your children,

To watch over them in periods of doubt, but finally to embrace them as beloved sons and daughters.

Let me throw myself down at such wonder and watch in awe as friends and family ascend to new life.

May tears be those of joy in one eye and sadness in the other.

Let me sigh with you in a love that comes from the heart and is one with yours.

Let those who doubt not deter others but give witness to the glory you will share.

Let us all go free and not be held back by a longing for this life, but open the ground for resurrection.  


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