Follow-up Prayer for Second Sunday of Easter - Year B

Dear Lord,

I ask you to increase those who believe in you, that they may share the faith of good living.

Let all of us testify to resurrection and deeply respect each other.

You are the foundation of our unity, and that love has no end.

Let us triumph over evil and not imagine we are innocent ourselves.

All goodness comes from you for you are our corner stone.

Whoever believes is begotten by you and will keep your Commandments.

Such love is not too difficult with practice, so that goodness becomes second nature

And your Name is glorified.

You offer power to overcome evil, and victory is offered.

Let our faith be simple and dynamic, like the enthusiasm of young Africans.

All life gives witness to you, let us believe in what we, at present, cannot see.

Open the doors of our minds and equip us to overcome our fears.

Show us your hands and side, and fill us with Easter Joy, a certain joy that cannot fail us.

As you sent the first disciples, send us, breathe your Spirit into our lungs and so to our hearts.

Let the forgiveness breathed on the Apostles come upon us, that your Holy Spirit may enliven our trust.

Mercy is for the whole of your creation but our sins are retained by our own actions.

Let the Thomas in me believe, and make us equal twins in belief.

May we not look for physical proof, but place a finger on our own lips.

When people meet be there with them, and those who gain love be diligent in sharing it,

For all love comes from you and is of you.

Let no-one refuse to believe but open their doubts to your mercy.

You offer peace to trusting hearts for you stay among us.

Take our hands and place them in your side, that we may doubt no longer but believe.

Total understanding is impossible in this life

But you offer signs every day of another world, where evil cannot enter.

Get rid of our personal evil so as to be at home in your presence.

Let the recorded signs of the past be made present in our persons,

For collective faith overcomes personal difficulties.

Teach us to write your scripture on our hearts, not as revealed truth, but the Truth of living witness.

Give us greater respect for your Name and for the flesh you have taken and ascended.


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