Follow-up Prayer for Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe  - Year A

Dear Lord,

If you are King, where is my loyalty?

If you my Judge, where is my respect?

I take you for granted.

The Shepherd cannot be taken for granted, for everything I have and are depend on you,

In fact, without you I have no spirit.

You look for the lost one and send me after strays, but I wander off and injure my own soul.

You watch over fat and lean priests alike and equip each of us according to your good purpose,

But our purpose is often at variance, we want desperately to do your will but we neglect the Spirit within L

You raise the dead and impart a new body and spirit so much more wonderful than our present state.

It is only in that new state can we see your Majesty,

Until then, your Kingship is hidden and the future veiled.

My flesh has to be subjected to you, and it is my task to undergo subjection,

Only then will purification become reality, for until then my being is subjective,

I look towards resurrection but fear the journey.

You hand out goodness and mercy in abundance, but your servant remains unsatisfied,

For I seek what is impossible in this life.

When you come in glory escorted by all the angels, only then, will 1 be lifted to higher understanding.

In the meantime, I must honour my present nature, the body and soul that must perish.

My present nature will be redundant, for you promise new life,

Until then, I must transform this prison into service, a service that will discipline to eternal life.

You see me hungry for your goodness and thirsty for a share in your blood,

Yet you make me welcome at a table I do not understand, and handle a substance that gives no proof,

Only a passing glimpse of a power beyond creation.

You make from creation whatever you will, and provide the true substance of all sacraments.

Let me throw myself at your feet in adoration and worship,

Even when recognition and conciliation are removed.

Kindly, you offer another way, for you are hungry and thirsty in those around me,

Sometimes plainly, sometimes in the privacy of their isolation.

Your Kingship covers every eventuality, and your mercy stretches out to all: without exception.

Those who do not know you, or mistake your identity, recognise your infinite Sovereignty in all that lives.

1, too, stand before you in total nakedness being subject to your mercy;

I praise you for such Kingship, for salvation is part of being human.

Help me to leave aside bigotry and grasp the duty of every priest:  To serve you, our Maker.


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