Follow-up Prayer for 34th Sunday – Year 'C'.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the closing year.

You create man a place in your kingdom

And impart freedom and forgiveness to those who serve you.

You remain unseen, but create all that is.

Your uncreated Wisdom offers man a created wisdom, a sharing in a prudence of which I am a part.

Everything visible and invisible belongs to you for you hold all things in being with a wonderful unity.

You take to yourself my flesh and blood,

And so shepherd me with an understanding beyond my comprehension.

You anoint priesthood with your Spirit, the Spirit of joy, right-judgement and discernment.

Help me to adhere and honour Priesthood as 'other than myself.

Send others to help open the minds of your people to salvation.

Your praise outweighs all human worship and my own meagre attempts of thanksgiving.

Let me stand in your house and see the glory to which I am called.

May you be First in every way, and let me find perfection through reconciliation.

Your kingdom is one of peace, let my strivings be the seeking of that peace.

Let me stand before your Cross watching and sharing man's redemption

The mocking and jeering of the world means nothing, for you are Master, Creator and King.

Let those who abuse you be forgiven when they recognise the wounds of love.

May my own sins keep presumption in check,

And let me accept total dependence on your gift of mercy.

Let me ask myself what fear I have, for I cannot save myself.

What sentence will I get?

Please remember me when you come into your kingdom,

And may the new year bring greater thanks.


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