Follow-up Prayer for The First Sunday of Lent   - Year B

Dear Lord,

The season of Covenant, an agreement with all living creatures, a promise that we will never be destroyed.

Signs will be given to every generation, and assurance will offer hope through faith.

You keep faith to those who love you and teach us the ways of peace.

You lead and direct us as one like ourselves so that our fear is of offending your Person.

You remember each of us in each of our stations and your goodness flows out in love of your will.

In Lent, you call us back to obedience and humanity.

The death of the innocent furthers your will and the turning of cheek disarms aggression.

You raise innocence to new life, a life that destroys death.

You wait patiently for our spirits to respond

And your baptism is our pledge made to those of good conscience.

Our resurrection is in sight, for you have raised our human flesh to heaven.

All power is yours and your every word brings life.

Drive us into the 40 days of looking at ourselves,

The time set aside every year to advance in knowledge of ourselves.

Our witness may be arrested by this world, but evil cannot overcome your fatherly love.

Our time is short and our destiny advances, help our understanding to accept Redemption.

Let our repentance be of a higher order,

And the level of forgiveness explored to see the shallowness of our forgiving

Let your priests take the pannier of offering and lay it before you on your

Altar and make pronouncement of trust.

Our numbers might be small but your mercy is great.

Perhaps if we were inflicted more harshly we might induce belief in those who ill-treat us.

We suffer very little so have little to offer, but your self-offering unpins the weakness of our offering.

Let this Lent bring a more abundant offering and a recognition of the might

Of your outstretched arm assuring victory.

You see our toil and efforts to obey you, and you give us all we need to produce good works.

Let me, too, lay before your children an example of hope.

Let the insights given to your priests strengthen the resolve and witness to those who despair.

Let that loneliness be turned into a bowing down to your Godhead.

Let any temptation we face be overcome and announce to ourselves that the time is close at hand

And that repentance brings relief.



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