Follow-up Prayer for the Second Sunday of the Year - Year A

Dear Lord,

Yes. I am your servant.

I am honoured but you alone are my strength.

With a shared salvation let me proclaim your Truth,

Let me be a better witness to your complete manhood.

You stoop down to me and place a song in my mouth: a praise that I can never fully express.

Give me an open ear to the tune of your coming and a delight in your Law.

From the depth of my heart let me give praise, for you must be the object of all worship.

You have appointed me as a priest to my brothers and sisters  - a victim for their deliverance.

You entrust the responsibility for a small part of your family

And I shall be accountable for their spiritual welfare, those who struggle with belief and right living.

May your law be in all our hearts and your grace permeate this new year.

All blessings come through obedience to your Lordship and your peace promises the glory of heaven.

Let me grasp such a gift with joyful alacrity, for you give the power to become your children.

You are the Lamb who takes away all sin, the Holy One who has existed from eternity.

For many years I did not know you but now a light has dawned in my mind,

A small glimmer of a hopeful future, a blessedness that comes with the outpouring of your grace.

Let me see your Spirit pour down on your people, and let our nation respond to true witness.


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