Follow-up Prayer for 20th Sunday –Year 'C'.

Dear Lord,

Let me not forget that you bring fire to the earth,

A cleaning flame to purge away evil.

Let your Church be a beacon of light and hope

Equipped to reflect something of your glory.

May her obedience to your will guide understanding.

Discipline me to live the faith I profess and enhance the faith of others.

Let me learn to live with the manifold ways of thinking

And not lapse into the narrowness of a religious upbringing.

You tell me to 'throw off’ everything that divides

And look to your kingdom as the only lasting reality.

Let me not want for courage when confronted with difficulties,

And let there be a joy in all that I do.

How is it that you hear my prayer and come to my aid without invitation?

Teach me to build hope on the rock which is your Church.

Let me not be disheartened by her humanness, but look to her divine purpose

May I not blame the Church for my own shortcomings

But do all I can to uphold her integrity and mission as your body on earth.

Let me see your hand at work in the faith of those around me.

In your mercy let me keep the welfare of all your children at heart

For many of your faithful no longer know what to believe.

Their Faith has been protestantised and they are left uncertain.

Christianity is claimed but the teaching of the Gospel misunderstood.

The gift of prayer is silent in so many

And the great gift of divine intimacy no longer practiced.

Let the fire of your love give correction

And the power of your Spirit new direction.

The faith you demand is a battle against evil

Together with the supernatural ability to withstand suffering.

Help me to overcome the sin in my own life and in your Church.

Keep me fighting to the point of death

And let my intercessions strengthen the faith of fellow pilgrims.                        Amen.


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