Follow-up Prayer for 32nd Sunday – Year 'C'.

Dear Lord,

What do I expect after this life?

How will my faith exist: what new form?

Am I to be counted with the faithful or be one with the seven brothers?

You will hear a cause that is right and give ear to any cry of pain.

You do not deceive.

Guide my feet as you would have me walk, for you protect all who trust in you.

I must not ask special protection; yet I do,

For my cowardly humanity recoils from pain.

You give love through grace and offer perfect hope.

I honour you and proclaim salvation without fear.

Your Church is surrounded by bigotry and false prophets,

Let this priest do as you command without reservation

So that my heart is fortified and your people's faith ratified.

Let me pray and sweat in my own garden of sorrow but remain confident in resurrection.

You are the First-born from the dead and I too must follow a similar path.

People tell me that there is no resurrection but their thinking is a simplistic human logic,

They succumb  to a weird sickness and entrap others,

Never do they acknowledge revealed truth or obey Divine Law.

They worship themselves and become gross.

Help me to stand against such blind arrogance and not be drawn into similar error.

For you, all the departed are alive, and that worries me.

I try not to judge from my own perspective but try to heed scripture

Friends and family may desert me, but your love will remain.


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