Outside Mass – Now that the church is returning to normality and winter is approaching, Father John is re-assessing the need for outdoor Masses. It appears that the majority of people would like the outside Masses to continue, but  if you have any ideas please put them in writing and give them to him privately. 


The easing of restrictions : 

We will no longer need to take names of parishioners attending Masses.  Visitors ONLY will be asked to leave their name and contact details.

Although social distancing is no longer required, we will continue with the current two-seat widths between different household groups – please respect the space of others.

Face coverings should still be worn and hands must be sanitised when entering and existing the church.

Holy Communion will remain under one kind only and must be received in the hand.

As good ventilation is considered more important than physical sanitising of benches etc.  there will be no general sanitising after each Mass, although the materials will remain for those who wish to use them.

We are able to sing at Mass and hymn books and Mass cards can now be used.  As they are only used at the weekend they will be perfectly safe.  


The October issue of Day by Day is now available at the top of the Church steps at £1.00.   A few September copies remain, at 50p.

 Weekend Collection: £471.         Very many thanks for your generosity.

 Funeral Masses:  Father John is happy to conduct Mass outside as well as inside if this is preferred.   Please contact Father John to discuss. 


Hospital Chaplain – Bishop Hugh Gilbert has appointed Fr. Damian Marteil SPS (from Nairn Parish).  Fr. Damian’s contact number is 07756 441169. Fr. John however, would like to know of any St. Ninian’s parishioner who is ill or admitted to hospital.  Please keep all those who are sick or who care for the sick, in your prayers.

Children’s Liturgy - All children of any religion, or none, are invited to join Allison, Columba or Jandy on the lawn behind the hedge to the left of the car park as they arrive for outside Mass.  They will have a short quiet activity, prayers and Gospel reading then will return to their parents before the Eucharistic Prayer.  

Bicycles and other items are available for children to use with parental supervision after Mass.


Confirmations will be on Sunday 8 May 2022.  Bishop Hugh will be the celebrant.

First Holy Communions will be held on Corpus Christi, Sunday 19 June 2022 at 12.00 (inside).

The Piety Stall has a range of cards for most occasions and other items. They can be found beside the Confessional. Catherine will order additional items should you require them if you call her on 01463 564953.

Christmas Cards - As Catherine has been in ill health she has not been able to sort the order yet so anyone still wishing to place an order should get in touch - contact Catherine on 01463 564953 It’s not too late!!  Only those items ordered will be available. Last year some people were disappointed as they expected to find cards for sale as Christmas approached.


Fr. John would like to be invited for ‘Coffee in your Garden’ on any day after the 10.30 Mass.  Alternatively, for ‘Tea in your Garden’ during any afternoon.  Please contact Fr. John on 232136 to extend your invitation!


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