The Ordinary Time of the Year has begun.  This season is devoted to the unfolding of the mystery of Christ in all its aspects.  The week of prayer for Christian Unity begins on Tuesday 18 January.

There will be a short presentation at all this weekend’s Masses by Peter Harkins on behalf of Mary’s Meals.

Bishop Hugh has written a Pastoral letter for all.  Copies are available in the porch.

Outside Teas after the 10.30 Mass on Sundays  whatever the weather!  Disposable cups (or bring your own).  Thank you to the two people who came forward but we desperately need some more help!    Please speak to Fr John if you would like to help. 

Fr. John is putting together an updated list for home Communions for those who feel unable to attend Mass.  Please put your request in writing to Fr. John so he can organise his Communion round.

The January issue of Day by Day is now available at the top of the Church steps at £1.00. 

 Weekend Collection: £506.       Very many thanks for your generosity.

Tea Lights are now permitted for personal devotions, please remember to be careful especially if you have sanitised your hands, ensuring that excess gel has been removed.

Hospital Chaplain – Fr. Damian Marteil SPS (from Nairn Parish).  Fr. Damian’s contact number is 07756 441169. Fr. John however, would like to know of any St. Ninian’s parishioner who is ill or admitted to hospital.  Please keep all those who are sick or who care for the sick, in your prayers.

Children’s Liturgy - All children of any religion, or none, are invited to join Allison, Columba or Jandy.  They will have a short quiet activity, prayers and Gospel reading then will return to their parents before the Eucharistic Prayer.  

Bicycles and other items are available for children to use with parental supervision after Mass.

The Piety Stall has a range of cards for most occasions and other items. They can be found beside the Confessional. Catherine will order additional items should you require them if you call her on 01463 564953.

Church cleaning rota:   At the moment we are working on the new cleaning rota.  We would much appreciate the help and advice of team leaders so we will have a meeting of these on Sunday 22 January between the two Masses, beginning at 11.30am to be convenient for those attending either Mass.  IT IS STILL NOT TOO LATE TO VOLUNTEER TO JOIN THE MERRY CLEANING BAND!!  We might even manage to make six groups instead of five, reducing the number of occasions for each team.

CLEANING CAN BE DONE AT A TIME CONVENIENT TO YOU.   PLEASE leave a message on the sacristy answerphone which is 01463-236620 or speak to a member of the Parish Council or Sacristy team.   There are some people who have been doing this for many years but their numbers are declining and WE NEED YOUR HELP!  




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