18 October 2020 – 29th Sunday of the Year  - Year A

This Sunday is Mission Sunday  

There will be two collection boxes this week - one for the Missions and one for the offertory


Daily Mass: (Inside)  10.30 Monday to Saturday inclusive  (Confessions 11.00 after Saturday Mass)

Vigil Mass: (Inside)    Saturday From 26 September at 5.30pm (Please note the new time)

Sunday Masses:   10.30 (Outside)  (Please note new time)      Additional Mass at 12.00 (Inside)

Please arrive early to a Mass to allow time to abide by  the Government Regulations in place.

Please remember to observe social distancing, give your contact details

and bring your own sanitiser, face covering  and a chair if you need it for outside.

Face coverings MUST be worn at all times during Mass inside.

Volunteers will help you find a suitable place so please follow their guidance.

If you wish to stay in your car in the carpark during Mass, Fr John will take Holy Communion to you in your car.  Please let us know before Mass begins if you wish to remain in your car.

There will be no ‘booking system’ for weekend Masses and Fr John will go down to the hall with the Holy Sacrament after distributing Communion to those in church.

At the beginning of lock down the Bishops of Scotland removed the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays. It was suggested we might attend Mass during the week.  This had to be done online at first but now that St Ninian’s has re-opened you are invited to attend a weekday Mass when the church is quieter rather than the Saturday Vigil or Sunday Mass.

Now that the church is re-opening for public worship, and additional Masses are being provided, we urgently require extra volunteers to help with meeting the COVID-19 requirements i.e. preparing the church, taking names and contact details, guiding the congregation through the church etc.  The usual routine of cleaning the Church and downstairs will need to resume.

 Please speak to Sheila or Trish after Masses this weekend to discuss how you can help.  Procedures at the outside Mass on Sunday mornings at 10.30am will continue as before.

If anyone has anything for inclusion in the newsletter please either leave a message on the church answerphone or email to: Ninian@saintninians.org.uk      




















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