26 September 2021 – 26th Sunday of the Year   - Year B 


The easing of restrictions :   

We will no longer need to take names of parishioners attending Masses.  Visitors ONLY will be asked to leave their name and contact details.

Although social distancing is no longer required, we will continue with the current two-seat widths between different household groups – please respect the space of others.

Face coverings should still be worn and hands must be sanitised when entering and existing the church.

Holy Communion will remain under one kind only and must be received in the hand.

As good ventilation is considered more important than physical sanitising of benches etc.  there will be no general sanitising after each Mass, although the materials will remain for those who wish to use them.

We are able to sing at Mass and hymn books and Mass cards can now be used.  As they are only used at the weekend they will be perfectly safe.  

Hymns for outside Mass on Sunday:  765 – The Lord hears the cry of the poor;  67 – Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation;  750 – Our hearts were made for you, Lord;  606 – Whatsoever you do.

We will also sing the Kyrie; Sanctus, Our Father and the Lamb of God.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be celebrated at 10.30 every weekday (Inside)

                     Saturdays                                 Mass 10.30a.m. (Inside)          

                                                                       Vigil Mass (Inside)  5.30p.m.

                     Sundays                                    Mass (Outside) 10.30a.m.

                                                                       Mass (Inside)  12.00

Confessions – Fr. John will be available for confession after each Mass.  Please contact him on 01463 232136 if you wish to go to confession.

Now that normal Masses have resumed, Fr John asks for your continued support.  The situation will be reviewed on a regular basis.  There are a number of local people unwell at the moment.  Please remember them in your prayers. 

Sacramental Preparation.  First Holy Communion classes will continue on Tuesday 28  September at 6pm in the hall.   Reconciliation classes – will continue on Sunday 26 September.  Contact Anne for further information on 07754 750788.



If anyone has anything for inclusion in the newsletter please either leave a message on the church answerphone or email to: Ninian@saintninians.org.uk      


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