Fabric committee report

The Fabric Committee was in abeyance during the current year until December 2014 when the new committee was formed and has formally met twice.

Major Projects Underway

1. Platform Lift for Disabled Access - We had lengthy discussions about the best approach to repairing or replacing the current lift and finally decided to replace the complete lift except for the rail it is mounted on which will cost £11,755 plus VAT. This option gives us a one year guarantee and was considered the best value for money. The new platform was scheduled for installation/commissioning at the end of April but due to a delay at the manufacturer’s plant in Germany the revised date is now the middle of June.

2. Disabled Car Parking and general parking issues -The existing disabled parking spaces are not sufficient in number and do not comply with current legislation. It was agreed when the first section of the driveway is re-surfaced in August we would create six disabled spaces with four in front of the church and two adjacent to the boundary wall with Hill Park. In order to minimise congestion we will be remarking the existing spaces. The areas adjacent to the central roundabout at  9.00 and 3.00 o’clock will be hatched in yellow to indicate no parking as this is a current problem. We have also been looking at parking issues on the grass with a view to minimising damage to the grass by embedding more mesh into the grass which will be used to create a central drive way along with more drainage where required.

General Issues-We are now in the process of carrying out the Quinquennial Inspection which is due in the current year, covering both the church and the presbytery. Should any issues arise from this report that need attention they will need to be discussed by the committee and categorised as follows:-

1.         Requires immediate attention.

2.         Requires attention within one year

3.         Routine maintenance.

The committee are always happy for parishioners to approach them with any concerns they may have.

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