Follow-up Prayer for Easter Sunday  - Year A

Dear Lord,

How can I imitate your death when I am so scared? You invite unity: imitation is demanded.

You are Resurrection but I cling to this sinful body. You offer freedom that comes when sin is finished.

Do I really believe that death has no power over me, that your life is now instilled within me?

Let my thanks be overwhelming for you raise me to a new horizon.

Let me know that I need not be afraid,

Your angels attest victory.

Your rising fulfils life completely and awe fills the vacuum of understanding,

Whilst trust prevails against all odds.

Let me fall down in greeting, clasping your feet in praise of your Name.

Part of me is still set on what is possible on earth, yet reality is elsewhere.

Indeed, faith is not seen by humanity in general for the order to 'proclaim' is placed on my shoulders.

A small responsibility is demanded of me -just a few words passing the parcel of joy to the next generation

Trying to persuade and cajole like a transient prophet bearing divine witness.

How might 1 prepare for such mission?

First, by the forgiveness of sin, a firm purpose of amendment and a non-judgemental love of others.

What is to be revealed is always personal but collective joy permeates today's Feast.

A celebration that has no end, the wondrous recounting of your marvellous deeds.

Easter has brought me back to true life, I must look to the things of heaven.

Let my thoughts be on heavenly things and put earthly things firmly in their place.

Keep my mind healthy and my thinking sound.

Religiosity can flip the mind and obscure witness.

Guide me to discern your Spirit and not be misled by a spirit of my own imagining.

The revealing of glory is not in my hands.

I discipline my soul to reflect on you and not myself.

Nothing of you is under my control, neither is the resurrection of others other than you.

Permit me to be a tiny particle of the yeast of your kingdom

Ransom will not be deficient without me but my obedience might display hope,

Let me not obstruct the path of your Spirit.

This very Easter, let me rise early and run to your tomb and see in it my own rising.

Let faith be bold as I enter the unknowing for belief will be ratified.