Follow-up Prayer for Fifth Sunday of the Year -  Year 'C'.

Dear Lord,

When I see your holiness I realise my wretchedness.

I am not lost but improvement is demanded.

Help true contrition and direct amendment.

Ordination has set apart a rather unworthy individual,

Yet you hear the words of my lips and the intention of heart.

You save me time and again.

You underline your Gospel daily and help establish a sound faith

Let me believe and preach exactly what is your will.

I cannot teach myself but your goading prompts my mind.

Your Scriptures fulfil all righteousness when interpreted and lived truthfully.

1 am certainly the least of your priests.

The grace you have given tempts presumption, please enable me to work hard to deflect arrogance.

Protect me from any latent self-righteousness but keep me in fulfilment of your Divine Law.

You stand at my lakeside and deign to use this small vessel.

You watch when I mend and clean nets, nets that must not be tangled with self-will.

The harvest is yours and without your directing there is no catch.

When I reflect on your divinity I want to fall on my knees, but this does not happen too often,

Instead, distractions crowd in and intention dissipates.

I work with other little boats and need the help of their skippers to catch anything.

You work with us and those who know you, labouring willingly in the realisation of something greater.

Your holiness invades ministry.

Let me honour the small share of service entrusted to me.



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