Follow-up Prayer for Third Sunday of Easter – Year B

Dear Lord,

I am a Christian but I don't know what I am doing.

The Scriptures foretell your suffering and I add to that pain, rather than rejoice at Resurrection.

I constantly turn to you, but an air of vagueness intervenes.

I attempt to repent but the effort is short-lived.

Something within calls for Barabbas: He is more in keeping with my own nature.

You are the God of Justice, but I stand aside and must depend on your mercy.

You are always there and I take advantage whilst continuing to receive your favours.

You want me to stop sinning, but I project my shortcomings onto others

I hear my own sins in the confessional and habitual faults go unchecked

Am I the liar that John speaks of?

Your love certainly does not come to perfection in me.

You explain the Scriptures but their true message is obscured by human editing.

You appear as a stranger in all walks of life, I feel your presence but fail to claim your peace.

My soul gets agitated when doubts arise and yet there is a joy below the surface.

I do not seek proofs for I respect your privacy.

I muse on the witness demanded, and experience inadequacy.

Help me to do what I can with the life given to me, correct the weakness of my prayers

And let me give thanks for your parental support.

Let obedience keep me on the straight and narrow, and prayer provide the necessary fuel.

I am not built on the achievements of my own mind, for that mind constantly changed.

I cannot fully control my ego and it often controls me.

May grace free from compulsive self-thinking.

Please put my thoughts into perspective and watch over what I think, say and do.

Final judgement is yours, let guidance be akin to your will.                  Amen.