Follow-up Prayer for Fourth Sunday of Easter – Vocation Sunday  Year 'C'.

Dear Lord,

"A huge number impossible to count".

You appoint priests to serve a vast flock.

Rams, ewes, lambs and shepherds all belong to you.

The tree of eternal life never casts its fruit, for your omnipotence outweighs all.

Your power is infinite and your patience unending.

No human being can be stolen from you, neither can the dignity of your family be eradicated.

I serve before your altar on earth marvelling at what you have in store,

Help me to equip myself for any eventuality.

Each situation goads me nearer the finishing line.

I see fellow shepherds tempted to blindness, we are not protected from harm

But your tent gives shade to your Church.

Keep me within her fold so that no trials will destroy my efforts.

You will, one day, wipe away all tears, and the reality of Baptism will be manifest.

Let me serve with gladness and sing of your love.

Educate me to speak words of strength and hope to those who listen,

Exalting them to remain faithful by example.

Let your grace urge them on and priestly ministry underpin their resolve.

Many flocks await entry to your fold but many have no instruction or directive.

They become the plaything of false living.

May I speak boldly to refute them and my personal ego.

The power of your Word knocks at many hearts and not too few think themselves unworthy,

You open pagan hearts when your light is brought to bear on unbelief,

For your salvation reaches the ends of the earth.

Let the sheep from other flocks experience the joy of redemption and the eternal life offered to believers.

Protect me from spiteful women and from powerful men whose agenda is not of your will.

May I never completely shake the dust from my feet, for my past is much is much as theirs.

Let me expel past difficulties from present thoughts and be filled with the certitude of your Spirit.

Please grant an increase in Priestly Vocations, that more men will come forward

To take their place at your altars.                                                  Amen

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