Follow-up Prayer for 18th Sunday of the Year – Year B

Dear Lord,

I complain about everything, the frustrations that come with age.

Instead of living the life you demand, I regress to an aimless criticism

Please renew my mind and your Spirit within me.

Every day you call to a holiness that I cannot obtain alone.

I even encourage complaint in others, making them negative.

I eat the bread of angels but ruin its fruit.

Help me to bring harmony and peace to every soul.

People look for you but miss the most obvious opportunities - seeking you for the wrong reasons.

You offer a 'new world' that cannot be imagined, an eternal fulfilment that begins in trust.

Help me to do the work that you want, not asking for signs but standing by belief.

Your witness is all around me and the manna of advance offered.

Your sacraments are of an eternal order but become part of ordinary life for your faithful.

I shall never be hungry for belief for your promise is faithful.

Your word alone brings truth to life.

Despite my grumbling you respond with care and love, usually through the kindness of others.

Permit me a sharing in their selflessness, a selflessness that binds in one,

The Faith that unites and serves your purpose.

You have been with me since youth, sometimes apparent, sometimes latent,

But the future is now what is important.

The gates of heaven begin to open and the next generation awaits birth and adoption.

Let me leave a legacy of trust and hope, that a renewed spirit may strengthen your Church.

Let young people trust more fully in your Real Presence and honour the way you mark out for them.

I may judge the mistakes of youth but their distractions are so great.

Guard them from the temptations of pagan idleness, and lead them safely through the deserts of this life,

Ignoring the empty promises of deceit by a life of faith.                                              Amen.



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