Follow-up Prayer from last Sunday’s Gospel – Third Sunday of Lent -  Year A

Dear Lord,

Many people are tormented by thirst: thirst for belief.

That longing is put to one side amid the cares of this world.

You alone can save: the rock of protection.

Let me cling to you in humble submission, not wanting you to answer to my petty questioning.

I approach you with a confused mind, perhaps still shackled to biblical Judaism

And even more bewildered by a church history of hate.

Now, no longer the separation of Jews and Gentiles for you have only one people.

Let acts of kindness be the opening for healing, a re-uniting through the common water of this life,

The shared need of all living beings.

Behind such simplicity you await with the spiritual water of faith.

You desire that faith to be given freely, recalling all mankind to your likeness.

Let that internal spring well up in me and overflow to others and let their outflow permeate the dryness of my own soul.

You offer spiritual and temporal life to all, the trickle of a junior belief swelling up to a torrent,

Filling body, mind and spirit with yourself.

Your presence fills the hearts of all who seek, quenching their thirst for truth and love.

Let me look beyond the limitations of language to the knowledge that gives life, not some human education

But an imperceptible 'knowing' that excites the soul.

Let my soul awake to praise and by that praise discover and fulfil the longings of others.

Why is it that I am so blind to such opportunities?  Each day you provide abundant choice as to how to serve you best.

I worship what I hardly understand but your Spirit disciplines recognition, it is you who speak; I must listen.

Help my hard of hearing.

You announce what you want from creation in clear terms of love but I want you to explain yourself. How silly!

Latent adolescence raises its head as if I were my own creator.

Yes, you give space for personal growth but my pride outweighs my ability.

Simply, let me look round at the harvest, a harvest not of my planting, but given as a responsibility not to be evaded.

Let your thirst for my improvement, be met with compliance.