Follow-up Prayer for Second Sunday of Advent – Year C

Dear Lord,

Let my prayer be one of joy, let certainty impel towards finishing the work you grant me.

Remove the covering of sorrow and enhance objectivity.

Show your splendour to all nations and vindicate the holiness of your Name.

Show me devotedness and let me be a person of peace:

Yet I fight something within myself that repudiates your gift.

Fill in the valleys of unbelief and bring down the hills of pride.

Let me prepare a level playing field as best I can.

You offer the shade of Christmas hope but desire a greater openness of heart.

Guide me by your joy with mercy as escort, fill me with laughter at myself, and grant praise to my lips.

Deliver me from the dreaming of discontent and let the tears of toil lead to a fruitful harvest.

Let love of others increase and deepen perception for you know what is best.

I am far from being pure and blameless but help me to prepare for your coming.

Let your perfect goodness seep into my being.

Such marvels are beyond feeling and emotion.

The voice of John the Baptist echoes in a half empty heart

And the hollowness of belief is filled with promise.

Let me make a path through the wilderness of this life

Knowing that something of the future lies in my own hands.

You underpin goodness but thwart the pride of self-righteousness.

Only you have the strength to make any path straight.

Stand with me against my own will and protect me from hidden temptation.

Strengthen the power of Baptism and let oneness open the way to joy.

Teach me to seek the repentance and forgiveness necessary, and guide me in the ways of reparation.

Let the evil one not flatter me with empty speech but bring an increase in holy desire.

Sustain all Priests in sound Ministry, educate them to guide your family towards a sincere Christmas

And a true holiness of life.                                                                           Amen.


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