Follow-up Prayer for 27th Sunday of the Year – Year B

Dear Lord,

‘It is not good for a man to be alone'.

But I am not alone, I am surrounded by your children.

They share my affinity with you, their obedience to faith unites us.

You are our priority and First Truth.

You have given us a 'New Creation' of a very high order,

A different way of living that is part of your very self.

For this, a priest will leave father and mother and cling to his calling as part of your living body.

Complete vocation will always remain hidden.

You come to us: you come to me, You take my flesh, and I am lifted to resurrection.

Help me to bring many others to this new existence, let me share their sufferings of sanctification

And not leave the gifts of Priesthood unused:

It is your tool entrusted to weak hands.

The 'oneness' I perceive, but fail to understand, I am not expected to understand, or my faith would be void.

You come to me in the little children of the parish, You sit on my knee and look into my eyes:

An old man looking into new life.

The innocence that is promised is there, this is your kingdom already present.

You are here in vulnerability.

Let me welcome you as you welcome me.

Let me be your playmate and share your joy.

You permit me to raise my hands in blessing, but that blessing is reciprocal and little hands impart true life.

How can I be lonely with such blessings, every day you pour out gifts of love,

Making me part of a family whose true existence remains hidden.

Priesthood lifts a corner to peep, to recognise that I am not alone.

Guide me to impart something of your love into the hearts that truly seek you.                          Amen.


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