Follow-up Prayer for Twenty Eighth Sunday (Year 'A')

Dear Lord,

You liken progress towards you as 'climbing a mountain'.

Various delights are offered on the way but blessedness is in the final ascent.

Let me climb carefully, not loosing footholds but with a summit in view.

To have assured and proven faith is for another day but you grant glimpses through the clouds of unknowing.

You map out the way and watch over every step.

You guide me like a sheep: let me be true to your name.

You provide initiatives to spiritual life from conception, always goading the necessary impetus to advance.

Now that life is drawing to fulfilment make me ready for anything anywhere

There is nothing I cannot attempt with your help for you fulfil all needs.

Let me accept your Word made flesh and use the power provided.

Enable me to hear clearly your call to the Wedding Feast, let me clutch my Invitation eagerly and not draw back.

Your banquet has started but with little true recognition, I feel an impatience to move on but that is not your way.

Forbid me to digress and become absorbed in material things.

Work and business have their place but not at your expense.

1 see fellow pilgrims quietly at work but belittled in value, others are maltreated, ignored or suffer anguish.

Yet I know your justice will prevail.

Let me not prove unworthy, let me go to the crossroads of people’s lives and invite them by example to 'Come in'.

You welcome everyone, good and bad alike, only you know their hearts, their sins and aspirations.

Likewise, my own ways lie open before you: I fear to disappoint you.

You notice my ill-dress and dirty hands: I remain silenced for shame.

Let me bind my indiscretions hand and foot and throw them out, let me weep freely for I deserve rejection.

Let me look and experience the love and tenderness of those who sit ready,

Get them to 'move up' and make a place for me.

Permit many more to be chosen for there will always be room.

Let me rejoice and be merry in their presence with a common faith and a fervent devotion

Looking onward to the Eternal Banquet with anticipation, trust and glee.