Follow-up Prayer for The Baptism of our Lord -  Year 'C'.

Dear Lord,

Here is your servant, but not a very good one,

My voice of witness is faint, but your word is eternal.

I try to serve the cause of holiness but am inhibited by self-interest.

Release me from the prison of my own making.

Your glory and power gives all that is needed.

You have no favourites among your many servants, just degrees of responsibility according to ability.

Let me place any grace I receive at your feet.

Teach me the wisdom to fear your name and experience your peace.

You give your word and reveal yourself,

You offer a 'belonging' - a belonging to you and you to me.

I praise you for this mystery, let that revelation activate a greater obedience.

You hallow baptism imparting strength.

You offer yourself for my sins, the sins that become more tangible with age.

The experiences you grant are sometimes not recognised

Especially when I am tired or weary of pointless duties.

I ask the strength to go on as long as you wish, faithful to a discipleship determined by your governance.

Enable me to build on sound foundations and not be deterred by failing ability,

Rather, let me offer my weaknesses with an eye to secret laziness.

Grant the gifts of real discernment and direction so as to do some good, despite mistakes.

There is a feeling of expectation as I grow older but wisdom and peace are your prerogative.

Let me heed John the Baptist's boundaries between human and divine and not attribute the latter to myself.

Let others point your way and make my ministry fruitful.



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