Follow-up Prayer for Trinity Sunday (Year 'A')

Dear Lord,

You give us your Commandments: man ignores them.

You display your tenderness and compassion, your richness of kindness and faithfulness: man prefers war.

Your people have always been headstrong.

Let me do my best to makes a difference, to stand by your commandments and bow down in worship.

You invite participation in the building of a spiritual temple far beyond the mind of man.

Train me to be part of that temple that I might fit in with your team of builders.

You gaze into the depth of everything, nothing evades you knowing.

You look for perfection, but without help my efforts are nothing,

A whisk of straw hardly worth counting but one that might tip the balance.

Let me help others and be united in peace.

Let me greet your disciples with love and entertain them as angels.

You are a Trinitarian love for all time, only revealing that nature by incarnation.

Let me be a disciple of the present age and promote a way of life by example.

That example can only come from you or nothing good can come from me without your presence.

I implore that Advocate.

You love the world and I spoil it, you have enormous patience but I exploit your generosity.

You come to me as God and Father, you adopt me as a younger son,

You share divine purpose, you allow participation in the exchange of love within your nature

Such blessing! Such calling has no words, just the respect of silence and an attentive ear.

Enable me to cling to belief, that which you have ordained.

I know that everything is in you alone, your person is very close but of necessity remains hidden,

A mystery beyond any human imagining.

Who am I to presume to know?

I do know, but nature forbids expression.

Only a reflection of truth is visible and that depends totally on your indwelling.

Without you life is nothing, with you life is eternal, not the sadness around me but the promise of glory.

Your Glory - not my own, but one that invites participation.

What blessing! What saving! But I, too, am headstrong and turn from your love.

Let me not be condemned but stand ready for whatever you command.