Follow-up Prayer for Nineteenth Sunday (Year 'A')

Dear Lord,

You climbed a mountain to pray.

Crowds can only be endured for a time, something within needs peace and silence,

The still secrecy of great heights.

From above, I too receive a more balanced view of life,

Where it is going and where I fit in.

It also tells me where I do not fit in or where I am no longer needed.

Instead, I look up to a future beyond comprehension.

The world is far below and I gaze into an unknown and exciting future.

I know you will be with me.

You have always been with me even from a distance, a  division brought about solely by self-will.

You see me battling against a heavy sea and come towards me in a way I cannot understand.

Your holiness disturbs me for it is above me, neither can the limitations of nature forbid advance.

All is at your command, may I also be at your service.

I ask the insight to discern your presence and ask protection from what is not.

I have no need to be afraid but my weakened humanity undermines resolve.

Let trust be guided by your Spirit and the way ahead be punctuated with clarity.

Much will be sent to frighten me as I walk towards you

Yet push me from the boat to the insecurity of created nature for I know you to be above its little power.

Save me from the foolish attempts of doubt and increase the little faith I have.

You understand manhood: so make of me a man.

Let me hold your outstretched hand and end my mental anguish.

You have given your Church the fulfilment of Scripture and awakened belief in her people.

Let your human flesh and blood give hope and lead the way to sanctuary.

Let me go out from security to stand against the forces of evil.

Let earthquakes not bring panic, but a listening for the quiet beyond the storm.

Let a gentle breeze declare your presence and a lifting of my soul reflect the confidence of new life.