Follow-up Prayer for Holy Communion Sunday – Year B

Dear Lord,

Today our children stand before you to receive their First Holy Communion.

May their parents realise their commitment.

Making promises on behalf of children is accountable.

You are the living bread that comes down from heaven,

The gift of yourself is Passover and the gate to eternal life.

Help my response to your Presence and help parents to understand the seriousness of their obligation.

Who dare to deny your Word?

You give commandments and ordinances so that your Church may speak

With one voice, with one altar and one sacrifice.

May I in no way misguide others.

The blood of your covenant stands for ever, whilst I must pass the way of all parents.

Let me raise the cup of salvation and my death be fruitful.

Let the children call on your name and find joy.

Let the ups and downs of their lives be balance in trust, let their vows bear fruit in their own children.

You are High Priest and your blessings abound in love.

You are not of this created order:

I am of earth but glimpse divinity.

Let me enter your sanctuary with rejoicing and stand in awe of such privilege.

Forbid presumption.

I cannot win redemption privately and outward observance of religious rites is empty without Faith.

Your Spirit constantly restores holiness and underpins incarnation.

Let joint sacrifice purify inward intentions and give true service in your Name.

Let every parent honour a new covenant, support their children in seeking true worship,

Cancel their misdemeanours by sacramental forgiveness and live in the joy and hope of heaven.

Let knowledge of soul be the aim of faith and let the desired obedience be realised.         Amen.


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